GRT was conceived in 1999 to offer advanced data collection, management, reporting and analysis systems and tools to organizations responsible for regulating gaming operations. An initial result was our flagship product, COINS, that collects and delivers data from many casinos in real-time to a central site for analysis, reporting and alarm notifications.

GRT is a division of Utilistar Process Automation who has developed high-performance real-time data collection, analysis, display and reporting systems for a wide variety of industries, businesses, and government agencies since 1987. GRT is committed to providing gaming regulation organizations with high quality, technologically advanced applications, systems, processes, and testing and support services designed to improve their efficiency, accuracy and overall effectiveness.

We are completely independent of other gaming system and services vendors (e.g., casino operators/owners, gaming machine manufacturers, slot monitoring system vendors) and thus offer an unbiased option for the regulation community.

We look forward to working with you!